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Everywhere you turn, it seems like there’s someone who wants to give you some type of business advice. They want to tell you what product or service you should use, how you should use them and how you will benefit. But in most cases, their knowledge is limited to their product or service, and that’s it. When you get advice from someone who doesn’t have experience and skills in your specific industry, they can’t possibly be efficient in fixing your problems or building strategies to take advantage of your particular opportunities.  And be vary wary of any coach or consultant where the only business they’ve ever been successful at is their consulting business.  You’ve got real-world issues, and you need someone working with you that can lend real-world skills and experience.  That’s what you get with us.  Successful owners and executives of thriving businesses other than this one, who have been “in your chair” and grown businesses of all types and sizes.  Simply stated, we can help you with things you’re dealing with in your specific business.  With the Breakout team in your corner, you won’t just get a fish, you will learn how to fish. You see, Business Coaches have a vested interest in seeing you succeed, because if you don’t succeed, neither do they.

To give you an idea of how we can help, we regularly publish articles to our Business Skills Development Series to help owners and executives like you in dealing with a cross-section of issues and skills that will help you move your business forward.  Please take some time and read through the articles that deal with your biggest issues, and let us know if we can answer any questions…

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The Customer Is Always Right, Right? Wrong…

So, let’s get this straight. You’ve told your employees that no matter what the customer does, no matter how rude, unreasonable and petty they might be, that they are to treat that customer as through they’re the best one you have? You’ve sent a clear signal to your staff that under no circumstances is your loyalty and concern with them – your faithful and diligent employees – but that you only care about the customer

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Your Customers Are Looking Online For You…But Who Will They Find?

The digital age is in full swing, but many small business owners still don’t “get it” Most small businesses still don’t have a website. Usually it’s the perceived cost of registering a domain name, setting up hosting, developing the website and then maintaining it that keeps them from taking advantage of the most powerful marketing medium ever invented. What they don’t know is how inexpensive it really is, and more importantly — what NOT making

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Would You Buy Your Business If It Was For Sale?

Statistics show that on average a small business will change owners every five years or so. That means the longer you’ve owned your business, the closer you’re likely getting to selling it. Now, for those of you who are reading this and thinking “no way, I’ll never sell my company”…while that may be true – the content of this article is just as important to you if you’re allowing any of the issues we’ll cover

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Setting Business Goals – Stop Moving The Goalpost

The importance of setting business goals cannot be overstated, but the fact is that most owners never bother to set clearly defined goals and objectives. And the ones who do usually abandon them and return to their re-active habits before any measurable accomplishment has been made. It’s like a field goal kicker trying to put it through the uprights while the other team keeps moving the goalpost. Sound familiar? Strategic business goals are critical to

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Really, It DOESN’T Matter…

Do you know who your biggest competitor is? Do you know who is stealing your prospects’ attention and keeping them from buying your products or services? You might be surprised to learn that your biggest competitor isn’t the larger business down the street or around the corner.  It’s not the big box store or the mom-and-pop shop, and it’s not anyone on the internet. If you guessed any of these, they are certainly your competitors…but

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Nobody Wins a Price War

Price wars are the nuclear option of the marketplace:  Nobody wins. When two companies are hell-bent on hacking away at each other through discounts and markdowns, one usually lands in bankruptcy while the survivor limps into an uncertain future. It’s almost always just a race to the bottom.  Nonetheless, there are certain scenarios that could make it easier for your business to survive a price war. Your best bet is to avoid price wars altogether,

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Don’t Get Caught in the “Monkey Trap”

Sometimes the most critical factor in growing a business is not bringing in new business, but actually letting certain opportunities simply pass by. Some short-term opportunities are so enticing that in order to pursue them, business owners lose sight of the strategic plan they have laid out for moving the company forward.When starting a new business, it’s always a bit of a scramble to pursue every opportunity that presents itself, chase down every lead and try to close every

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Does Your INTERNAL Customer “Get It?”

Effectively communicating with staff about business strategy is about selling the outcome, not the justification for its existence. You’ve created a master business strategy, but can you successfully communicate it to your staff so that it generates significant buy-in?  Or,  does it simply bounce off, boring your team and then gathering dust as they fail to execute it? Any good business coach will tell you that companies poised for significant growth must constantly change and

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How to Effectively Kick-Start New Business Ventures

Helpful advice for those stuck in the ‘procrastination loop’: “Should I start a new business, or not?”   Some soar.   Many more crash.  Others merely survive.  The economy and competition have been a challenge for many small business owners.   So why in the world would anyone want to start a newbusiness in a rough economic climate? Simple. By implementing significantly more strategic plans and processes you can easily carve away market share from even the

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Six Sure-Fire Ways to Drive Customers Away

With all the marketing initiatives and sales promotions they focus on, many companies simply don’t ‘get’ that they have neglected to put customer service systems in place to avoid sabotaging their customer base. In fact, there are an astounding number of companies that by their actions seem motivated to degrade, separate, piss off and eventually lose their customers. As you read this, consider whether you are making these same mistakes. Here are six sure-fire ways

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